(urth) Typhon's Confidence (plus some other questions)

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There are a lot of biblical parallels (usually name references like Dorcas/tabitha) in Wolfe but that scene is probably the most direct riff he has ever done, offer for offer by Satan to Jesus.  It is memorable but also unusually heavy handed for Wolfe- almost ironically so, I think, when we consider how many people Severian actually saves.  It's also why having Silk be Typhon's heir (biological or otherwise) is so interesting.  

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> I find Typhon to be a fascinating character, but to be honest I feel he does not get enough narrative attention. He's obviously a key figure in the Short Sun series, but to me he seemed almost an afterthought in New Sun. I would really welcome some additional literature from Wolfe exploring Typhon's world.
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>> I don't think Typhon is portrayed as quite a god here, but as a sort of powerful 'force of nature' - a super villain, you might say, who can be brought to heel only by the super-powered Severian.
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