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(...grumble about never having gone far enough with my polish...)

Is 'Pokój' the best translation for 'Peace' here?

Aside from the mainstream classics, you hardly find anything other than pocketbook translations of SF in portuguese, such as http://www.europa-america.pt/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Gene+Wolfe
The results may very. I've quite enjoyed some translations of other authors (we actually have most volumes of an SF collection that started off in the 50s and lasted until recently, running into the 500s), and that's how I met Simak, Cornbluth, Poul Anderson and many others (back in the day it wasn't so easy to get the originals even if you could read them - though I first met Tolkien and Zelazny in English, thank God). Generally speaking, SF could translate well into Portuguese, I think, if it weren't for the fact that translators can do very little with names. Translated Tolkien is painful to read and I guess the same would hold for Wolfe - I never even looked at it, even though I think I may have one of those pocket volumes.

We did have a couple of nice collections, but mostly fantasy. One had a book of short stories by Sławomir Mrożek. Also, Lovecraft has been reasonably well done.

No dia 17/01/2014, às 22:47, Piotr Szczęsny <neternalz at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Hello, 
> I live in Poland, and two days ago was a lucky day for Wolfe fans here-
> frist Polish edition of Peace. I Read it in english, but I'm glad that it finally arrived in my native language, for sake of fellow Wolfe readers here who are not so proficient in english :) Now I can gift this to my friends.
> Here is a link to a cover:
> http://www.mag.com.pl/pliki/ksiazki/Pok%C3%B3j/Uczta_wyobraz__ni_____Poko__j_M.jpg
> The vertical writing at the bottom is a name of the series, it translates roughly as "Feast of Imagination" and contains some very interesting books (Jeff Vandermeer, Lucius Shepard and mj harrison to name a few).
> As for my opinion... I Think the cover is pretty decent but, to be honest I'm a little disappointed, some of this series have mindblowing cover arts.
> I hope you enjoy this little "local" curiosity, maybe some of you are from other countries and can share cover arts other than TOR editions ? 
> Greetings from Poland,
> Peter.
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