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Thanks for sharing that. Actually, I quite like the cover -- I think it's
the second-best cover for PEACE I've seen (the best being the very quiet
Gahan Wilson skulls).


On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 2:47 PM, Piotr Szczęsny <neternalz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I live in Poland, and two days ago was a lucky day for Wolfe fans here-
> frist Polish edition of Peace. I Read it in english, but I'm glad that it
> finally arrived in my native language, for sake of fellow Wolfe readers
> here who are not so proficient in english :) Now I can gift this to my
> friends.
> Here is a link to a cover:
> http://www.mag.com.pl/pliki/ksiazki/Pok%C3%B3j/Uczta_wyobraz__ni_____Poko__j_M.jpg
> The vertical writing at the bottom is a name of the series, it translates
> roughly as "Feast of Imagination" and contains some very interesting books
> (Jeff Vandermeer, Lucius Shepard and mj harrison to name a few).
> As for my opinion... I Think the cover is pretty decent but, to be honest
> I'm a little disappointed, some of this series have mindblowing cover arts.
> I hope you enjoy this little "local" curiosity, maybe some of you are from
> other countries and can share cover arts other than TOR editions ?
> Greetings from Poland,
> Peter.
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