(urth) banshee and the green dress

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In addition, the banshees of Ireland normally wear a green dress, and Margeret Lorn wears a green dress at Olivia's wedding when den is reminded of a princess in a tower "like my aunt Olivia's other attendants, Margeret wore a costume of pale green, embellished with daffodils ... It may have been her smile, and something in the way she held her head and looked at me sidelong from those eyes, as though her soul were staring at me out of narrow windows in a tower"

Of course, Olivia's color is the pale green of olive's anyway, and she wears a green dress earlier in the book. More interesting is a few pages later when den imagines retelling smart's story and probably using it to win Margaret just as Smart used it to get Olivia, and then dreamlike thinking of the dog boy piddling on the rug  and mounting his leg and "Margaret with his head in her lap while I explained that it did not matter, that my father would take him hunting the next day, that that would make him happy.  He rises and begins to clean a gun".

Why the dog boy here, and why a hunt?  At all related to the stag at bay wild hunt scene? And why John weer take the dog boy Charles Turner hunting? 
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