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On 2/14/2014 7:48 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
> Water receded greatly over time, I assume.  The whole planet had recently flooded.

URTH, Chapter LI:
> We walked the beach together in the direction from which he had come.
> The hills, which had been barren mud when I had left, were covered
> with soft, green grass. Wildflowers bloomed there, and there were
> young trees.
 > I tried to estimate the time I had been gone, and to
> count the years I had lived among the autochthons in their stone
> town; and though I could not be sure of either figure, it seemed to
> me they must have been much the same. I marveled then to think of the
> green man, and how he had come for me in the jungles of the north at
> the very moment I required him. We both had walked the Corridors of
> Time, yet he had been a master while I was only an apprentice.
 > I asked my priest when it had been that the Sleeper had devoured the
> lands. He was deeply tanned; even so, I saw the blood drain from his
> face. "Long ago," he said. "Before men came to Ushas."
 > "Then how do men know of it?"
 > "The god Odilo taught us. Are you angry?"
 > Odilo had overheard my conversation with Eata, then. I had supposed
 > him sleeping. "No," I said. "I only wish to hear what you know of it.
 > Was it you who came to Ushas?"
 > He shook his head. "My father's father and my mother's mother. They
 > fell from the sky, scattered like seeds by the hand of the God of
 > all gods."

This seems like at least two generations, and even short ones would add 
up to 30-40 years, giving enough time for trees to grow and be made into 
boats and bowers and huts.

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