(urth) New Lafferty collection from Centipede Press

Matthew King automatthew at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 21:49:25 PST 2014

I received mine as well.  The physical quality is as Antonin described.

I was displeased to come upon three errors on the second page of the first story (18).  The name of the titular character is twice given as Jan instead of Jon, and there's a word missing from a sentence immediately after that.  Very disappointing in a volume priced for collectors.

Moreover, the pages have no headers; there is text, there are page numbers at the bottom, but that is all.  In this kind of a collection of short stories, I expect to see the title of each story at the top of the appropriate pages.

It's Lafferty, so I still plan to buy every volume they publish, but my goodwill for their effort is diminished.  Makes me wish I had had $70K in hand when his estate was up for sale.

On Feb 1, 2014, at 11:29 PM, Antonin Scriabin <kierkegaurdian at gmail.com> wrote:

> Finally got my copy of the first volume today. It is pretty nice, although I'm still not a fan of the cover design. The margins seem unusually large as well, there is a lot of space between the text and the edge of the page. The binding and materials are high quality though, and this will make a beautiful set when complete. And of course, all of the stories will be on my shelves! Can't wait to read ones I've missed.

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