(urth) short story project so far

Mo Holkar mo at holkar.net
Fri Aug 1 01:00:15 PDT 2014

At 18:36 31/07/2014, Marc wrote:
>Of course it would need hefty revision and 
>citation, but lately I have considered perhaps 
>trying to publish it upon completion - short 
>essays on the long fiction in front which would 
>be my own thesis based developments, not 
>comprehensive looks at all, and the story 
>analysis section after that.  A traditional 
>publisher would never touch it, I imagine, and 
>it would be far too big for a small or 
>university press, but perhaps an ebook would 
>work.  Anyone think that would be 
>viable?  Should I even, say, try to split it in 
>half?  Just thought I would see what you guys 
>thought, as this has been a WHOLE lot of work, even though I love it.

I think if it was me I would make it available 
print-on-demand as well as ebook. It's an extra 
chunk of work to prepare the files, but not a 
huge one compared to the project as a whole. (I 
would buy a printed version but probably wouldn't 
buy an ebook version, and I don't suppose I'm 
alone in that.) I don't know where you were 
thinking of selling the ebook, but some outlets 
make it fairly easy to sell POD and ebook versions in parallel.

Either way though you're probably not going to 
sell a huge number of copies, or make enough 
money to contribute significantly to the time 
you'll have spent. But definition of 'viable' for 
a labour of love like this may be quite a low 
hurdle: would a thousand or so sales make you feel it was worth the effort?



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