(urth) Wolves

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 11 06:50:09 PDT 2014

Neil Gaiman, I think, proposed the theory that in each of Wolfe's
stories there is a wolf. I've been thinking about how this works out.
In some cases, of course, the wolves are quite open, while in others
they are hidden.

_Cerberus_ has an open Wolf (the name of the Shadow Child when just
one is left) and, by general agreement, a hidden Wolfe.

_New Sun_ has the story of the boy called Frog, brought up by wolves.

_Soldier_ has a known werewolf, and possibly hidden ones as well.

_The Sorcerer's House_ also has a known werewolf.

_The Wizard Knight _ has nothing explicit so far as I can see. Could
Able's miraculous dog really be a wolf?

In _Long Sun_ I think I may have found one. Captain Serval (Hyacinth's
ex-lover/estranged husband, depending who you believe) is named, I
think, only once in the main text - we know his name mostly from the
glossaries - and is generally called just 'the captain'. Now, the
serval is actually a feline animal, but its name derives from 'lobo
cerval', meaning 'deer-like wolf'. Strikingly, he has a round chin and
a moustache.

I have not found any in Short Sun, but I will keep on looking.

Has anyone found any others?

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