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Antonin Scriabin kierkegaurdian at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 17:10:15 PDT 2014

First, I just finished and loved this book. The characters were wonderful,
and it was quite funny. I also loved Castleview, so I am looking forward to
the other member of that "era" in Wolfe's oeuvre, There Are Doors.

I have a first printing of the 1985 hardback from Gollancz, which doesn't
have the timeline. Is this floating around online anywhere? Is it something
Wolfe himself put together? Does it shine light on anything important?

Finally, did it cross anyone else's mind that the characters never left (or
were always in) Belmont? It's a pretty cheap trick, and probably not the
case, but I kept getting the feeling that they were all running in place
somehow. I also just watched The Machinist, so maybe that has me paranoid.
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