(urth) Short Story 52: "Cues and Tarot

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 09:27:25 PDT 2013

Finally something clicked just a little bit here.  The bowling ball reaches into his imaginary pocket to grab a card, and then he talks about how the man missed the mountebank dealing his coins, wands, etc.  
It occurred to me that the major arcana of the tarot are astrologically tied.  Deneb is the tail of the Northern Cross.  This bowling ball sits on a chair of massy gold - can we map the northern cross and a throne to one of the cards of the major arcana, such as the Emperor, who holds an ankh and a little maybe spherical thing?  Certainly our not so very young man would become The Fool then.  I don't know much about the tarot and astrology ties, so I will attempt to research it, but several of the major arcana are seated on a throne. "The Emperor symbolizes the desire to rule over one's surroundings, and its appearance in a reading often suggests that the subject needs to accept that some things may not be controllable, and others may not benefit from being controlled"
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