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On Sat, September 7, 2013 12:52, Jerry Friedman wrote:
> I don't remember TUotNS well at all.  Are you saying that we know plate
> tectonics was still going on in Apu-Punchau's time?

Aha! When Severian is struck by the Jailers' weapon, Urth trembles and the
curtain wall section falls to match its place in his native time. His
survival is attributed to the earthquake knocking him out of the line of
fire or otherwise spoiling the gunner's aim, and everyone goes about their
business. Ergo, earthquakes are known in Typhon's time and common enough
in the area of Nessus that the inhabitants have become accustomed to them.

This is all described in URTH, however, and may indeed be a belated patch
on previous BOTNS continuity as I expect the entire cyclic time thing is,
unless we can find something in the first four volumes. The crooked
sundial in Valeria's courtyard might be evidence....

Anyone recall any stuck doors or such mentioned?

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