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> J
> To me one of the strongest points that can be used to rebuff Cook (who really seems to me a pompous idiot)
> is that most of the answers can be found in BOTNs itself - like Lune (the moon) he overlooked.
> I think one of the aspects of the world described by Wolfe is loss of memory/unreliability of information
> Severian gets from others. Not long before, in times of Typhon, scientific information was much
> more available. So, why should we/he believe that plate tectonics and volcanism really stopped?
> And if it stopped, why? Maybe Erebus, Abaia etc; have their role in that? Who knows where
> (how deep) their roots now are? But this fuzzy world picture is part of what Wolfe describes!

The person in question seems simple enough to think that if a character tells us some factoid about their world, then it must be so.

> And poor Cook thinks that our actual theories (like plate tectonics recycling CO2) are absolute truth?

In that, alas, he is not alone. There are plenty of folks who think 'science' has got it all figured out. Usually, it's people who know very little of 'science' but like it a lot anyway.

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