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I am pretty sure this is the method of making his story known to every child even into the seventh generation : that strange déjà vu pseudo possession of the future. 

Apportation is what's really going on but I need to re-read it. 

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> Urthers --
> I think I understand much of what happens in Wolfe's short story "Why I Was Hanged" (in Ghosts by Gaslight, ed. Jack Dann & Nick Gevers).  What I don't understand, however, is the frame of the story and how it relates to the story itself.  Specifically, I'm puzzled by the opening of that frame:
> [The following account was supplied by a man who owns a great many books but searches fearfully for another, a yellowing pamphlet he may already own.  In looking for a quite different title, he stumbled upon this remarkable narrative, which he had never read and could not recall buying.  He read it, and says he remembers it almost word for word.]
> Any idea what that's about or how it's connected to the narrative that follows or ... ?
> John
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