(urth) Blue, Green, Urth, and the Ring of Glass

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Breed There, sorry.  I think the planets are symbolized by the fava and her friend (switcheroo on who is inhuma) and the ring: seems like two rings because it changes size and color, but it's the same ring that auk brought to Blue after repairing the lander - the same planet had changed colors.  What have the hiero's done at the end of urth of the new sun?  I've always been "right" about these books save the fumbling attempt to ascribe a mechanism to the transport to urth when considering it as Blue, and I was corrected and the mechanism sprung out.  Until we comprehend what has changed in the solar system there is no means to "prove" what Blue is. 

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> I think the yesodi's did something catastrophic, but the lack of nutrients on blue and it's coldness lead me to believe it is a completely different planet.  It's biotic system doesn't have the salinity and the micro-organisms of green- the inhumi can't effectively breed their but they rather like old Urth.  I think it's pretty clear the botanic gardens lead elsewhere or elsewhen- remember that reflected light can "create" according to one passage in new sun. 
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>> The thing, the thing is, that if Urth is Green then there's no easy explanation, but if Urth is Blue, then the obvious explanation for the Ring of Glass is that it's the ruins of Father Inire's Atropaic Gardens. (I hope I'm remembering that name right.) 
>> Perhaps both Blue and Green are Urth?
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