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Yeah all problematic.  The whorl is visible from green and blue but I am pretty sure it is much much smaller than the moon - a longtime ago I asks if a satellite could be called an asteroid but ... The moon is just too big, I think.  Something happened to affect the tides on Urth at the end of urth of the new sun, that's for sure, and it could very well involve lune.  Never liked the whole sails blocking the sun bit either in apu punchau's time.  Hieros  tossing a future moon into the past sun seems a big huge stretch too. Need textual evidence for crap like that. 

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> On 10/10/2013 9:32 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
>> And of course there is a rough estimate of the relative sizes of the whorl and blue - I believe off the top of my head    that blue was ten times the size of the whorl, but I don't know if that is a measure of diameter or of area. Big difference.   I have tried to look at the size of Mars but wow I like biological sciences, I tend to tune out a bit when astronomical things come up in my reading. It is possible to figure out Blue's size from short and long sun ...
>> (Of course Green is the size of Urth heh heh)
>> I have sat down with pen and pencil but the area vs radius multiplication factor made me wary of any firm conclusions as to whether it could be the size of Mars.
> I suppose you have considered that the multiple-legs pattern of Blue life as observed by Horn corresponds to E.R. Burroughs' Mars?
> What happened to Lune, then? I recall a previous discussion where it was mentioned that the Whorl may have moved from one iteration to another, Moonless, one. Not only does that lack a mechanism, but I doubt life would evolve the same way on an earth without a Moon.
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