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Seems more and more as if the relations between "our" solar system an that
of Blue should be considered symbolical, another doppelgänger. Which has a
very rational explanation - Typhon sent the Whorl to colonize another
planet, seems reasonable that he should send it to a planet that resembles
a pristine Urth. A very down-to-earth, common sense explanation that's not
very satisfying, but nonetheless it gives all the mind-blowing depth of
Wolfe a refreshing rationality. Which is of course already there, the SF
tropes hinted at from time to time (it's still just a generation ship run
by computer-gods, loaded with deeper meaning).

And come to think of it, Urthlings in our deep future/Severian's deep past
travelled all across the galaxy, right? Are Horn & the other whorlings
necessary the first humans to reach Blue & Green?

Was going to ask also about the chronological work-out between the Whorl
and Urth, since Typhon's reign seems to be much more than three centuries
past from Severian's age (if the astral projection to Urth isn't a time
travel as well), but then I realized: time dilation & relativity. Ship time
doesn't equal planet time - who knows how long the Whorl was really out
there, and how far they've travelled? The crew at the East Pole could
surely answe that but then again no-one asks them. Fascinating how Wolfe
created the Whorl cultures in such a pre-enlightenment setting.

(still just scratching the surface of discussions that must've gone before,
but there is no possiblity to read through all the Urthlist archive - even
though I'm often tempted haggling through dull days like these at the


*The thing, the thing is, that if Urth is Green then there's no easy
explanation, but if Urth is Blue, then the obvious explanation for the Ring
of Glass is that it's the ruins of Father Inire's Atropaic Gardens. (I hope
I'm remembering that name right.)*

*Perhaps *both *Blue and Green are Urth?*

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes
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