(urth) story 53: The Death of Dr. Island unanswered questions

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 03:19:16 PST 2013

There are questions scattered in that beastly write up, but I thought I would mention the two points in the story that are most fractured.  At one point Nick describes to Diane the psychodrama with Maya, and Diane interrupts him with the knowledge that maya will not return from hospital, that she will slit her wrists.  How does Diane know, and is this that preternatural infused knowledge on display?  

The other point I want to make is that the name Maya might also summon up the Hindu concept of illusion.  (I do not think that Maya Angelou's "i know why the caged bird sings" is referenced, but I would suspect that if it were Maya instead of Diane who ate a bird in light of all the other poetry quoted).

Also, there is a scene where Nicholas looks in the Easter Egg his mother brings him in flashback, and both present Doctor Island and past mother seem to be speaking to him about his reaction to the sky scene he sees in the egg ... Which becomes the sky of Dr. Island.  This fade out would work well in a movie, but what does it show here, and why this conflation of past and present with that kind of interaction?   Is this like the psychodrama?  And what's the deal with the other people on the island we never see?  

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