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From: Marc Aramini 

> The seal of pas was disturbed quite portentously, almost as if a 
> commandment had been broken.  To paraphrase, carry out my plan 
> and don't disturb my seal.  Mucor gravitated back to that room 
> because she, like Silk, is a special embryo and part of Pas' plan. 
>  Mamelta's perceptions were altered before being placed in the 
> whorl.  The plan of pas involved the sleepers in that room, and 
> its timeline was disrupted. The embryos were stolen and also 
> grown at a different time than originally intended. 

The seal was intact when Silk and Hammerstone peeked through the door.  Silk noticed that the lights had come on indicating there was somebody inside (an awakened Sleeper or an intruder).  Then Hammerstone broke the seal so they could get in.

But Mamelta wasn’t the first Sleeper woken by Mucor, she just happened to be the one woken by her at that time.

And Mamelta wasn’t much interested in the embryos, either.  Her job was maintaining monitors and she immediately got on with it when she and Silk entered the lander which had been looted for embryos and cards.

I guess I’m a bigger fan of looking for realistic rather than symbolic contexts for events than many!

- Gerry Quinn
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