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Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 9 04:49:46 PST 2013

The seal of pas was disturbed quite portentously, almost as if a commandment had been broken.  To paraphrase, carry out my plan and don't disturb my seal.  Mucor gravitated back to that room because she, like Silk, is a special embryo and part of Pas' plan.  Mamelta's perceptions were altered before being placed in the whorl.  The plan of pas involved the sleepers in that room, and its timeline was disrupted. The embryos were stolen and also grown at a different time than originally intended.  

I have always maintained that Silk's enlightenment had a biological cause as well as a spiritual one, and that the two voices speaking in his head, male and female, are his "father" pas (pa) and mother mamelta (ma), voices prerecorded to guide him.

The suicidal thoughts he feels are not only because of Hyacinth - Crane's assessment of his brain event haunts him even though it seems stupid and is easily dismissed.  There is a biological cause for it. 

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