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That whole lovers thing is something I think relates to the dream identification of kypris with mamelta and mother.  (And hyacinth and chenille because  they were possessed by Kypris) Gerry and I have gone round on that a bit-  he is more insistent it is Mucor's possession, though earlier she makes it clear she is afraid of Silk sexually when they meet.  

I am of the opinion that Kypris is Silk's biological mother and that those sealed behind the sign of Pas are some fragment of his family, this the blind man Horn kills on green: the original of the blind god, Tartaros.  Silk is Typhon's heir, and mamelta probably his biological mother, something to do with kypris. She has dark hair and blue eyes.  In the tunnels he states he will not sleep until his mother comes. 

Mamelta eaten by a fish seems to me to symbolize not only scylla's revenge but the consumption of the goddess of love in her mortal form by a symbol far larger and more powerful, one of the outsider and true love. 

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> I've read the New Sun books twice, the Long Sun once and Short Sun twice, and am about to embark on my third reading of New Sun. I just cannot get enough of Gene Wolfe. He makes me think.
> Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I'll pose it anyway. Is there any symbolic or literal relationship between Seawrack of Short Sun and Mamelta of Long Sun? After all, Mamelta told Silk they would one day be lovers, and then was apparently eaten by a giant fish before any such thing happened ...
> Look forward to participating in the list and learning more about Wolfe's universes. After reading through some of the archives, it is apparent I have light years to go to catch up.
> Cheers!
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