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Thanks for this, Steve!  I'm an aspiring writer of fiction myself and
influenced by Wolfe and Lafferty - so you're not alone.  I hope I can share
my own book with the list some day (with similar apologies and

Obviously Marc Aramini that frequently posts here is a Wolfe-influenced
writer of fiction, as he has a story in the upcoming Wolfe-inspired volume
of fiction (his name in the same table of contents as the master himself,
the lucky dog).

Any others?


Hi Everyone,
Long-time reader of the Urth List here, but I've never contributed before now. I'm a British SF author published since 1996, some of my work has been compared to GW, mostly I suspect because I also love the "mysteries beneath the text" style that GW is a master of. When I first discovered him in the early 'eighties, I realised I'd found the writing style I'd been seeking. Luckily, I began with TBOTNS back in those days! A couple of my novels might be of interest to GW fans, "Urbis Morpheos" and "Memory Seed."
Keep up the great work on this list, it's been fascinating reading for a long time...
Steve Palmer
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