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>Ignoring earthly and Biblical analogy for now, perhaps the Fish's Mouth theme and the
>snakey-fish "Abaia" is a metaphor for the great beast(s) which have swallowed Urth whole 
>and which now lives on within the dark belly of the beast. Perhaps Jonas (Jonah?) was named
>for one who escaped that belly.
>Moreover, I had previously wondered how Severian bringing a flood could vanquish ocean-
>dwelling giant creatures. But if those creatures are understood in terms of dark-loving, 
>cave-dwelling, murky depth creatures such as eels, lampreys and jurupari, I can see how
>restoring the sun might do it. There is much description of golden light flooding the 
>ocean as Severian swims through it after the New Sun has arrived.                           
>How did we miss this? Not only is the New Sun already well established as a big deal, the Old Sun must leave the ocean depths even darker than usual, and so the New Sun would bring more light there as well.
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