(urth) fifth head owlet- wolf

Tony Ellis tonyellis69 at btopenworld.com
Sat Mar 30 03:59:09 PDT 2013

Marc Aramini wrote:
>the entire landscape is called the land of shifting stones.

Actually, it's called the country of *sliding* stones, unless my copy
of 5HoC has a typo. Which doesn't have quite the same connotations,
nor map as easily to the 'shifting' of the sleeping place.

>Do you feel the shadow children and the construct the old wise one, called the
>group norm, becomes more confused about who was once human because the
>proportion at the end shifts to one shadow child and Sandwalker?

No, very much the opposite. The Old Wise One is confused to begin
with, because then it is mostly composed of the thoughts of shadow
children, who are egotistical, delusional little stoners. When the
ratio goes down to 1:1 he's clear-headed and remembers that "we were
always here."

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