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Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Fri Mar 29 09:13:07 PDT 2013

From: Marc Aramini

> Yes, I think you are right.  The only question then becomes, if the Shadow
> Children were once terrestrial, if Sandwalker is a completely distinct
> evolutionary tree (forgive the bad pun, mostly unintentional) from them,
> how can a human and non-terrestrially descended aborigine mate?
> VRT is pretty clearly half human before he selects mimicking a full human.
> He also dwells on Dollo's Law - that a species that evolved away from a
> trait won't get it back but would instead adopt  a new way of doing the
> same old thing.

I don't think we know that VRT is half-human.  It is a wise child that knows 
his father.

Since this is science fantasy, I would not necessarily assume that it is 
impossible for humans and abos to have issue, unlikely as it might be 
biologically.  But we don't have to believe it (even if VRT himself does).

The Dollo's Law reference is a bit vague, I cannot read too much from it.

- Gerry Quinn 

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