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> Originally the Shadow Children were saying they were from earth,
> more or less.


> After the percentage shifts to a 1 to 1 ratio, they were
> saying they weren't sure if Sandwalker's people or the Shadow
> Children were "human".

Yes.  Even before that, with three Shadow Children left, the OWO becomes confused because "there are so many of you now and so few of us".

But there's plenty of independent evidence.  The Shadow Children know of things that the Hillmen and Marshmen do not.  They know of starcrossers and the bending of spacetime; they can point out Sol in the sky.

> Did their uncertainty just come because
> the ratio shifted - I was asking, in other words, if their original
> claim was more valid than the second claim, that the Old Wise
> One had made a mistake and Sandwalker was of human stock.

What logic would there be in such a reversal?  The whole concept of shape-shifting aborigines fails if the aborigines do not look like humans. Everything else we are told (such as the knowledge I noted above) has to be thrown out.

- Gerry Quinn


Yes, I think you are right.  The only question then becomes, if the Shadow Children were once terrestrial, if Sandwalker is a completely distinct evolutionary tree (forgive the bad pun, mostly unintentional) from them, how can a human and non-terrestrially descended aborigine mate?  VRT is pretty clearly half human before he selects mimicking a full human.  He also dwells on Dollo's Law - that a species that evolved away from a trait won't get it back but would instead adopt  a new way of doing the same old thing.  
If his group is descended from the "Free People"/Sandwalker's genetic stock, then the question of viable mating between his mother and M. R.Trenchard comes up.  So if it is the Shadow Children who are of ancient Earthen stock, how can the Hill People/Marshmen mate with the supposed human of Irish extraction?  
Or are Hill People and Shadow Children just evolutionary branches of the same ancient peregrination?
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