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Originally the Shadow Children were saying they were from earth, more or less.  After the percentage shifts to a 1 to 1 ratio, they were saying they weren't sure if Sandwalker's people or the Shadow Children were "human".  Did their uncertainty just come because the ratio shifted - I was asking, in other words, if their original claim was more valid than the second claim, that the Old Wise One had made a mistake and Sandwalker was of human stock.  

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> Excellent point on his empathy.

I also agree with Tony's analysis (though I'm not certain Sandwalker is yet part of the Group Norm at this time).

> Do you feel the shadow children and the construct the old wise one, called
> the group norm, becomes more confused about who was once human
> because the proportion at the end shifts to one shadow child and
> Sandwalker? where before he was ' more' certain of who came from the
> yellow star originally because there were more shadow children dominating
> the norm, should his assertion of who is human be more 'valid' with the
> larger percentage of shadow children?

He makes this pretty clear in the passage starting "Now I am half a man..."

- Gerry Quinn 
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