(urth) symbols, motifs, and extra textual relevance vs. onomastic onanism

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because Wolfe likes to multiply entities.  Everything is doubled.  And those trees she sleeps under are "jealous" to some degree.  Occam's razor need never apply to Wolfe when the theme is doubling and misdirection.

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> > Sandwalker's 'tree' grows large when he sleeps with Seven Girls Waiting.
> > The Marshmen steal boy children from the Hillmen and castrate them to
> > make their shamans (as Sweetmouth notices in the pit), and they do not
> > grow beards.  The talk of trees is essentially myth and wordplay [*].

> This is where we vary the most - I think the tree allusion to his genitals is
> the distraction away from their other form of reproduction, this one we are
> mechanistically familiar with as readers, a metaphor in use because there
> is more than one way to inseminate an abo, skin a cat, or what have you.

Doesn't that multiply entities unnecessarily?  The abos have gender, sex, childbirth and hormonal systems akin to ours.  Sandwalker says he is a man in part because he has known woman - he does not mention trees - nor is he baffled by the Shadow Childrens' 'wife' metaphor for their drug.  What evidence or need is there for a secondary system of reproduction?  David says they mated with trees, but how would he distinguish myth from reality? All he knows of abos is vague tales.  VRT's knowledge is more authoritative. At no time in his story does anyone actually mate with a tree.

[*] And, I should perhaps have added, abo sexual politics.

- Gerry Quinn

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