(urth) Marsch an assassin?

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Yes.  Marsch's journal shows him hunting but there is no sure indication that the ballistic chart is a rifle conversion for st. Anne or st. Croix from the earth values Marsch was used to.  

How much of Marsch' personality is left in VRT?  The saliva of the shadow children switch the perceptions of Sandwalker and eastwind.  VRT takes that book even though heavy items cost a lot to transport from planet to planet, and little else.

Also, st Anne and st croix have a similar year, perhaps their gravity is closer to one another than to earth. 

Maybe VTT just got the surface feeling that the book was important and his understanding is just animal mimicry, as he picks up speech.

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> Was it discussed why ballistic tables for one planet could be mistaken
> for another?
> </Jeff>
> Differences in gravity would effect the range from a given inclination, no?
> Nate.
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