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If Kypris is in proper relation to the Outsider, then she's just love, isn't she?  If you worship Love as a goddess while not serving the Outsider, then she's a destructive and terrible goddess.  If you serve love in right relation to the Outsider, then she's a good force.  Isn't that some of what's going on?

Incidentally, you have similar themes in There Are Doors.  Love's a great thing, and that's why Mama (the church) is all in favor of pursuing it ... the right way.  But love is also a deadly and dangerous thing and it can become an destructive and demonic idol.





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On 6/19/2013 4:55 PM, Andrew Mason wrote:
> Lee Berman wrote:
>     (p.s. Heh, be careful! In one interview, Gene Wolfe was explicit
>     in specifying
>     Aphrodite as the sex goddess, not the love goddess, along with
>     Ares as a soldier
>     god rather than the god of war. I assume that has significance to
>     his work.)
> True: yet the Whorl goddess Kypris, whose name derives from a title of 
> Aphrodite, is certainly a love goddess and not just a sex goddess. 
> (She inspires Mint, for instance, with love of the city.) I would 
> guess this is an example of the Wolfean theme of people growing into 
> their assigned roles; if enough people see her as a love goddess, that 
> is what she will be.

Yes, and sex-to-love has plain implications in terms of personal as well 
as cultural maturity, not to mention closeness-to-God.
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