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Yes, originally I wrote just that Latro and Aphrodite made it and did not put page numbers for the references, but Nigel made a few of the references more explicit and reader friendly and added the page numbers and identified her as the goddess of love. He ran the final copy past me and I thought it came out nice.  There is a meditation on how running away to fight another day can be in the province of arête too in the second book I think. 

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> Thanks for sharing that Marc! You do a nice interview. My next planned Wolfe
> review is Wizard/Knight but you reminded my of my neglect for Latro which 
> must soon be addressed. 
> (p.s. Heh, be careful! In one interview, Gene Wolfe was explicit in specifying
> Aphrodite as the sex goddess, not the love goddess, along with Ares as a soldier
> god rather than the god of war. I assume that has significance to his work.)                         
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