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Mon Jun 17 05:07:25 PDT 2013

>James Jordan: Michael is the name given to the Angel of Yahweh as the Angelic 
>Overlord of Israel. A separate angel, Gabriel, is Angelic Overlord of 
>the empire set up in Daniel 2 that is ruled successively by Babylon, 
>Persia, Greece, and Rome.,,,,, Of course, if one wishes, he can have it both ways,
>since "Micha-El" is simply a name, and could be that of preincarnate Christ 
>and another creature as well. Wolfe, being Roman Catholic, is unlikely to disagree
>with his liturgy and so would regard Michael as a created angel, even if he also 
>agreed that in the Bible the name is given to the preincarnate Christ.

This is very interesting. My first thought was about the notable fact that Dr. Talos
plays Gabriel in his own play. I think his red hair and fiendish genius in the arts 
and sciences, plus his superhuman knowledge of Urth's history and future connect him 
to a couple other shadowy characters (Fechin and Inire). His vulpine nature might
connect to the Thracian worship of Dionysus which involved the fox. And surely Father
Inire is the de facto ruler of The Commonwealth for the past thousand years or so.

When I hear about an angel being given dominion over an earthly realm, I think this 
surely must be a fallen angel. It is my understanding true and lofty angels must 
generally remain in the heavenly realm (sorta like B, F and O). An angel would have 
to fall to get very deeply involved in non-spiritual human affairs on earth. Yet how 
could Gabriel be a fallen angel/demon?

I think Wolfe addresses this issue in BotNS with Tzadkiel being (like angels) a
plural being. One aspect of him/her can rule on Yesod while another rules on the 
Ship (while another aspect rules on Urth, imho).

In regard to Michael being a "preincarnate Christ" I can't help but think that is
relevant in that I think the whole of BotNS is meant to represent the pre-christian
period of earth (Urth being a technologically advanced but spiritually stunted 
version of earth). Of course the subject of this thread is named for one of the
reputed earliest harbingers of the coming of Christ. 		 	   		  

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