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Thanks for Gary K. Wolfe & Jonathan Starahan's THE COODE STREET PODCAST, I
absolutely *cannot* read "Home Fires" without editing it mentally to read
as HOME FRIES. I'm ruined. Ruined.

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> One more detail- Rick Johnson the cyborg with Susan, Skip's secretary, is
> tall, lanky, and wears a tweed jacket.  The description of whoever stabbed
> Chelle's mother at the restaurant as a tall older well dressed man fits
> both Rick and Blue ( Vanessa only saw him from the back) but one would
> assume onlookers would mention Blue's extreme age.  Rick's gun is left
> handed and the wound in Vanessa's back is on the right hand side.
>  Frustratingly, Skip never asks if it is indeed Rick sitting at the table
> of the restaurant with Susan, just establishing their connection on the
> volunteer-mercenary rescue boat. He first says how unlikely it was that it
> was Rick, then says that his defense of rick was nonsense - as a lawyer, he
> can argue whatever side suits his interests at the time.
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> On Jun 7, 2013, at 6:40 AM, Marc Aramini <marcaramini at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Also, skip forgets about meeting "Charles Blue" on page 191 and at the
> start of chapter 4 and keeps trying to place him every time he meets him
> (he also keeps forgetting the last names of the girls who die in the
> explosion meant for chelle's mother, supposedly planted by Susan) When Blue
> returns to Chelle at the end he is going by the name Smeedy.  At the
> dinner, blue gives skip the number for Coleman Baum and this is what gets
> zygmunt killed.  Perhaps Skip is in someway Blue's "friend" Coleman Baum or
> that phone number lead Zygmunt to the submerged spy cell.
> >
> > However, there seems to be no firm connection between "Blue" and East
> Asia; it is suggested he works for the Os and the Nau as a double agent.
> >
> > Skip misplaced his walking stick somewhere.  Chelle seems to ask about
> it and Skip blows that question off. Any chance this is the explosive
> device?  Blue has a blackthorne stick as well.
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