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>>>Yes. My assumption has always been that this unstable matter comes from
>>> Yesod, i.e., a "higher" universe, since the Otherworld/Land of the Dead
>>> is where ghosts and such come from, and since Yesod obviously controls it
>>> this matter. But a ghost could come from anywhere if the gods will it.
>Yes and no; the Yesod-source supposition is true at least some of the
>time; Apheta explains Yesod is naturally all energy and the only material
>bodies there are the ones the Yesodis make from that energy - though the
>only visible energy in Yesod is the light from those bodies they have made
>(or will make), including what appear to be artificial stars and planets,
>and what is seen through peepholes into Briah.
>But I recall from Cyriaca's uncle's story that a form of eidolon was
>invented on Urth at some point, where the machines entrusted with the care
>of mankind were able to give everyone an "invisible friend", and
>apparently the machines went a bit further before they broke down. I think
>this, along the great gathering of books and technology into the citadel
>will support a new hypothesis on the nature of Holy Katherine, that she is
>a simple eidolon/aquastor projected for the Torturer's benefit by some of
>the remaining salvaged machinery, explaining why she is the same age each
>year, survives beheading, and is placidly compliant.
>Jeff, that just made my head asplode.
>The St. Katherine figure's identity/reality is one of the most difficult puzzles in BNS. I recall that someone once proposed clones to explain it, but this works much, much better. Thanks!
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