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Yeah his last is a bit cropo-mucophagic.  Delany is a good writer who writes about some nasty stuff.  Not sure if his later output is worth the effort, but Dark Reflections was at least a little but less pornographic than his other late stuff.  I guess I don't see neveryon as New Sun like because of the absence of religious obsession, the thing that so captivated me about New Sun.  I think Delany is more interested in the "traditional" (oxymoron) postmodern look at power relationships and sociological constructions.  Haven't read Neveryon in many years though,mostly I remember a bridge and male prostitution ... 
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> From: Fred Kiesche
>> Anybody know if Samuel R. Delany is a fan of Gene Wolfe? I'm seeing parallels
>> in pacing, "feel" between the New Sun and SRD's "Neveron" stories and books.
>> Or are both just influenced by (for example) Borges?
> Common interests seem more likely.  Delaney was mostly writing before Wolfe - I think he's been writing mostly autobiographies and gay porn since the '80s.  He has a new SF novel out recently, though the Tor review suggested it is for the strong of stomach.
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