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You're always a few steps ahead, Mark. :)

Is there a consensus that it's Typhon's mausoleum? Does this suggest Severian "looks like" Typhon? Or someone else?

Also, do you think the stiff-legged "bird-like" person you mentioned is actually tree-related, and that's why he's stiff-legged ? (not really birdlike at all, in other words)
No consensus on the mausoleum and if it is the infamous one of which Severian claims, "I have seen my tomb and now go to lie in it" or something to that effect, but that would certainly establish a very strange genetic relationship between Typhon and Severian that I had previously only been able to firmly ascribe only to Silk, as Typhon's probable "heir".   
As far as the stiff-legged thing in the "colorless cloak" on the high ground on Green, I think that is probably an echo of maimed Severian on his high island, now that the waters have receded, or at least some eidolon of Sev, effectively immortal.  Unless it is just a Vanished Person ...
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