(urth) Silk/Horn in the Matachin Tower

Sergei SOLOVIEV soloviev at irit.fr
Wed Feb 6 10:30:00 PST 2013

I did think about it, but I had an impression that no. The only "seed" 
that hints at possible visits of Silk/Horn
(and my belief was that it could be indeed a "seed" that later grew in 
mind of Gene himself and possible
gave him an idea to develop the connection in SS) is the remark that 
Master Gurloes was a deep man trying
to play simple, who wandered alone in the night, could stop suddenly, 
speak with the invisible etc.

Sergei Soloviev

Antonin Scriabin wrote:
> Is there indication in /The Book of the New Sun /that any of the 
> clients at the time of Severian's childhood might in fact be 
> Silk/Horn?  If Wolfe had the vision and plan for the "Solar Cycle" in 
> this depth back while writing /TBONS/, that would be most impressive.
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