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The number of mysteries doesn't make it more mysterious. Also, the more
dreamlike cadence and flow of Short Sun lessens the impact. The very slow,
realist approach in Long Sun makes the pervasive mysteries more forceful,
to me. It's as if in Short Sun all bets are off, so nothing is as
impressive, on the mystery front. In Long Sun, I felt like I was in a real
world for 1200 pages, and it's mysteries were my mysteries.
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> I always say, stop, Marc, you know how this ends ... but anyway, I can't.
> Way more mysteries in Short Sun.  The transmogrification of liana into
> inhumi, the presence of the vanished Gods, the identity of that stiff
> legged bird like fellow at the top of the cliff, the presence of Silk and
> Oreb in the stories of the past, the grabbing of Hyacinth's spirit in dream
> travel, the actualy identity of the narrator at any given point in the
> story, the fate of Urth (real horrorshow like); Auk's ghost, a Chenille
> ringer, and the ring that changes color and shape in Dorp, etc.
> Lots of stuff.  And of course there's time travel shennanigans.
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>  Perhaps "tacked on" was a bit too harsh.  Let's just say that I find *Short
> Sun *to be quite a bit less mysterious than its predecessors, and the
> insertion of Nessus, the Matachin Tower, etc., adds to that impression.
> Starting off *Long Sun *for example, mysteries abound. What is the
> Whorl?  What time is it?  Who/what are the gods?  Cards?  The Writings? How
> big is the Whorl?  Etc., etc., etc.  It took a lot of time, allusion, and
> build-up to get there, so when the "Typhon is Pas" moment *did *come, it
> completely blew me away.  By the time the *Short Sun *rolls around,
> however, we know all these things, and additionally we know the connection
> between the Red Sun Whorl and the rest of the elements of *Long Sun.  *The
> mysteries of Blue and Green are never presented in a way that made me
> beyond eager to find our their solutions ... they seem less fun in
> comparison to the other works, partially because we seem to spend quite a
> bit less time on them than we did on board the Whorl.  I suppose the focus
> of *Short Sun *is intentionally much different, so perhaps it is my fault
> for expecting more *Long *and *New*?
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