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> Does
> Severian know anything about kings and queens?

Yes. Grepping my 5 ebooks of _New Sun_, there are the following hits:

    There was a sudden intensity in his quavering voice. "Severian,
the king was elected at the Marchfield.
    Counts were appointed by the kings. That was what they called the
dark ages. A baron was only a
    approach of battles, earthquakes, and the murders of kings.
    stoppered flask, and by breaking the seal and drawing forth the
cork became queen from ice to ice. Just
    muttered, "Yes, it is a very old story, and the hero had told the
king, his father, that if he failed he would
    a lovely woman named Early Summer. She was the queen of that
    land, but her king was a strong, unforgiving man, and because she
    plant entered her and she conceived. She told the king, however,
    prophecies pleased the king much.
    in demeanor and obedient to the king (whom he believed to be his
    the king's enemies were drilled until they seemed men of bronze
    to Urth, and there he came to know of two brothers who were kings.
    never breed sons who would claim their grandfather's kingdom,
    their growth in her womb from the king, her uncle, they could not
    forth the wolves and called them the people of his kingdom, and
    and many men they went to the king and demanded their heritage.
    acknowledged queen of all the chickens for leagues around. How
    flew wild in the wind; Jolenta a floriate queen in armor spikey with
    Barbatus added, "You've commanded armies, Severian. You're a king and a
    the queen or guardian of your Urth, dismiss the thought. I am not. But yes,
    "You think me a queen, or something of the sort. Will it amaze you
to discover
    Great Erebus, who has established his kingdom there, will soon be driven
    Abaia's, whose kingdom is in the warm waters. With others, less in might but
    a thing more marvelous on Yesod. The young king, bright with such gold as is


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