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Brian Doherty brianmdoherty at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 08:29:57 PDT 2013

Overall, struck me as perhaps too Wolfean (by design, I'm sure) to be an
entertaining and useful guide.

 I wanted more detailed explanations/theorizing, less purse-lipped
blankness and names of latin plants. Let's say that a concordance that
doesn't tell you WHO Incanto is and why (any more than do the novels own
character lists) while giving you every Latin plant name is erring on the
side of cleverness vs. reader interest, entertainment, or even use.

Reading this, sadly, rather than reminding me how much I adored SHORT SUN
and LONG SUN, made me wonder a bit why I liked those books at all. This
guide was not any good opportunity to revisit or think about in a new way
the joys of those books--mostly worked to (to this reader) drain out all
that joy.

Other opinions and observations welcome, to be sure.

Brian Doherty
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