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> On Fri, April 19, 2013 10:21, DAVID STOCKHOFF wrote:
> >> From: Lee Berman <severiansola at hotmail.com>
> >>>As another bonus, the Autarch is the "self-ruled", or, more
> >>> colloquially, "the boss of
> >>>himself".  Who actually does what the Autarch tells them?  The servants
> >>> of the House
> >>>Absolute, and the army.  If both the servants and the soldiers are
> >>> (pretty much) clones,
> >>>then he is literally just the boss of himself. It's the type of joke
> >>> that feels unfunny
> >>>in just the right way for Wolfe to have made it.
> Meh. The servants seem to have no trouble maintaining loyalty to the new
> Autachs,

The new Autarch is a (semi-)clone of the old one, hence closely related to
the servants.

and it would make the Torturers, Witches, Librarians, and
> Stewards curious exceptions to the auto-cloning rule, as we know they get
> at least some of their number from outside the House and Citadel.

With the exception of Severian, do any of the above ever become Autarch?  I
was under the impression it was always household staff.

> It would
> bring into question why the autarch always has a great man soldiers but
> never enough, and it would fubar the basis for your identity intrigue on
> the raft.

Cloning and maintaining soldiers in readiness for battle is not cheap.  And
military leaders always complain about not having enough soldiers, no
matter how many they have.

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