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No dia 19/04/2013, às 16:21, DAVID STOCKHOFF <dstockhoff at verizon.net> escreveu:

> I submit that no autarch ever had any offspring.
> However, there could be a way of disposing of autarchial offspring such as hiding them in the House, where servants would keep them safe and ignorant, or dumping them as orphans on a Guild (this was my own theory of Severian's origin before the Internet, at least through the first books), or killing them. Whatever it is should be obvious enough, or have a plain enough Byzantine precedent, that it need not be explained

Well, the Byzantines had a precedent fro almost any method of disposition of potential pretenders, so there. 

I too am under the impression that autarchs seldom if ever are succeeded by their offspring. And there are two things:

- Cloning (to abuse the term) or no cloning, the yesodi punishment may have some other purpose than precluding hereditary rule. Or it may be something else than what is generally thought. 

- I've always felt the previous autarch's traits weren't due to the hypothesised specific event. Either the event was different and more far reaching than thought, or he always was mostly the way he was before any punishment took place.

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