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It's a fair question. I think it's fairly normal, however, to be 
concerned about freeloaders and/or (de)motivation when imagining the 
ideal society. Once you assume that you know what the best people are 
like, the worst people become clearer.

A related question is whether fairies are bumbling simpletons who can't 
tie a knot, or work with iron, or brave warriors of preternatural skill. 
Or both (or else one set are changelings, or hobbits). I guess it 
depends on the purpose you have for them.

On 4/11/2013 4:47 PM, Jerry Friedman wrote:
> "Industrious" and "productive" are interesting words to use there.  Wolfe has used weak pseduo-human parasites who live by their deceptive abilities as figures of horror in 5HoC and BotSS, and maybe TWK (the Aelfr, though they're not that horrible).  Is there political and economic significance in this?
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>> I see little hope that the pseudo-human residents we find in 5HoC will evolve to
>> the point of being industrious, productive humans. But I allow that is a debateable
>> point.
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