(urth) sexual dimorphism in aborigines‏

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>>Marc Aramini: There is a mysterious dialog between them, with him saying something 
>>like he hasn't experienced something that she has, being alone up on high ground with 
>>nobody to bring her food, and she makes a comment like, you are a man, it won't come to 
>>you until you are old.
>I'll have to go with the prosaic, allegorical interpretation on that one. Just the 
>stereotypical idea that women spend their lives living and understanding being part of 
>a dependent social network, while men spend their lives being independent and self-sufficient
>and are thus less prepared for the dependency of old age. A comment on being human rather than
>being Annese, I think.     
>---You mean, women are disposed of early? Yes, it's possible that this is a "universal" human observation rather than an alien one.
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