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>For me, the implication of 5HoC is that the natives of the twin planets are eons
>old in their existence. They are currently human in form but likely have taken
>different forms in their history as different races were drawn to their planet. 
>Dollo's Law (an archaic theory which is being disproven more and more as genetic
>science progresses) could not have allowed shadow/children/abos to lose their 
>shape-shifting ability or they would have lost it long ago.
>>I like your idea, but mine points to successful mimicry while invoking a dozen >angels/fairies/mermaids/robots-becoming-mortal tropes. Not to mention that imitation 
>>is the path to >improvement 
>I see little hope that the pseudo-human residents we find in 5HoC will evolve to
>the point of being industrious, productive humans. But I allow that is a debateable
>But for me, Urth, Blue and Green and even The Whorl are more hopeful 
>places than Ste. Anne and St. Croix. I found 5HoC to be such a dark and dismal
>read I almost didn't want to read any further Wolfe. Apologies for my cheery 
>outlook on life. But I think science and Gene Wolfe have both progressed in positivity 
>in outlook since the 70's.
>I see the association with higher beings and improvement depicted in Wolfe's later work
>but not in 5HoC. That place is falling apart with no hint of a Severian or Silk arising 
>to lead them to a higher plane.                           
>---I don't see what those points have to do with one another, or rather, why they have to point in that direction. I agree that the theme of 5HC seems to be staleness and stasis. But so what, then, if the changelings of the twin planets are worthless as humans? I would expect nothing less. What angel would even want to uplift them? 
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