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How is that for being a spin doctor?  Hey, four people left on ushas, believe it or not everybody dying is all good ;) don't believe me?  Read this narrative!! 

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>> Unless they lose that ability, due to not using it per Dollo's Law, and are stuck as humans. Ordinary evolution could still occur, but they would henceforth evolve as humans would, more or less.
>> I like your idea, but mine points to successful mimicry while invoking a dozen angels/fairies/mermaids/robots-becoming-mortal tropes. Not to mention that imitation is the path to improvement (see Wolfe, G.).
>> Besides, if we can become angels and angels can become us, we can become animals and animals can become us.
> I still fancy there is something in the Chanticleer type story in which the Angels are still infinitely far from the increate and only guess what he desires from their lofty heights.  
> Thus powers we cannot comprehend but may one day approach are still somehow far below that source.
> I have increasingly viewed Severian's salvation as negative, despite all his rhetorical "imagine if the conciliator were dressed up at such a party and nobody realized it" moments. 
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