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Sergei SOLOVIEV soloviev at irit.fr
Thu Apr 11 08:47:57 PDT 2013

I don't remember whether it was discussed that the names of the planets 
in the BotNS - Urth, Verthandi, Sculd - correspond
to the names of Norns in Nordic mythology - (Urth or Urd was the Norn of 
the past) -

Regards to all

Sergei Soloviev

Ross Arlen Tieken wrote:
> AH. Well. Although that book is fascinating, let's just say it's not 
> very... respected.
> It argues that all of these crazy beliefs and weirdness stem from 
> economic/social phenomenon. He uses the witch trials as an example, 
> but the witch trials he presents are so utterly unhistorical it's 
> hilarious (I have kept the book on my shelf for that very reason).
> Harris' perspective is what we fight against in the Rice Religious 
> Studies department. Weird stuff in history--is actually just weird stuff.
> And you're welcome! Seriously, you guys are a more friendly scholarly 
> community than I've ever experienced in the actual academy.
> R
> On Apr 11, 2013, at 6:54 AM, Lee Berman wrote:
>>> Ross Arlen Tieken: Magical practices, belief in dwarves and fairies, 
>>> and strange rituals that
>>> have nothing to do with Christianity lasted until very late, and 
>>> were only really stamped out
>>> by the enterprising nature of mercantilism and Protestantism that 
>>> really exorcised anything Pagan.
>> Thanks for that post and perspective, Ross.
>> My own introduction to paganism came from a 70's pop anthropology 
>> book by Marvin Harris called
>> Pigs, Cows, Wars and Witches. It is pretty interesting  and there is 
>> a section on pagan
>> witch cults and how bacchanalic groups of medieval/renaissance era 
>> European women would sneak
>> out into the woods, often with a goat-headed Pan-inspired male 
>> leader, and apply an extract of
>> atropine to their genitals (application often with a broomstick), and 
>> receive hallucinations of
>> flight and intercourse with demons.  A few scenes in BotNS echo this. 
>> The book also explored the
>> economic benefits of witch hunting, as the hunters and inquisitor 
>> panels granted themselves the
>> privilege of confiscating the property of anyone they found guilty. 
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