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One last comment to Gerry and I will let it drop - to me, Wolfe's scientific mind creates patterns and repeated phenomena that lead to hypothesis - it is repeatable phenomena that lets us draw scientific conclusions.  It is never one thing to me - these trees are greeted, respond back, ( or not, but the lack of a response is commented upon), engender children, say that they are the parent of a child in dreams, a tree sticks out a root to save an aboriginal falling ... trees "have travel", aborigines appear as old wood ... and that is just a pattern I am making up?  It's all in my head?  In almost every dream sequence there is either a big circle of columns or a circle of trees, and the idea that "people" who die will live on in dreams is at least tangentially presented at least once in A Story. Cedar Branches Waving has her feet covered with sun enriched soil, Sandwalker lies in the sun to regain his strength before continuing his hunt ...
Gerry, are you seriously saying that I am creating those patterns from scratch?  That it is all exclusively in my head?  You can't do this stuff with Hamlet or Sturgeon or To Kill a Mockingbird, any attempt for me to do that would be pathetic. The text would never support it.  You said there is no reference to any tree mating, but I pulled out a quote that Pink Butterflies was the daughter of a tree ... did i distort the text?  perhaps I did not take the literal, it's just a dream, it means nothing approach, but it IS in the text, clear as day.
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