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Hm. My impression was that all the serious negativity found in the Neighbors was a product of their 
encounter with the Inhumi (or whatever they initially were) on Green. Also, I'd say the Inhumi borrow from abos in being parasitic shapeshifters while the Neighbors borrow from shadow children in being plural and somewhat ethereal beings. However I don't think the Neighbors became plural and ethereal until after they went to Green and got infiltrated and corrupted and needed to find a (spiritual?)
means of escape....
I'm not sure what to make of all that ambiguity. Perhaps it is simply a reflection of the premise that there are no clear, unambiguous truths to be found, either in nature or in Gene Wolfe's work.                           
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My impression of the entire cycle is that Severian's salvation is a little bit bogus, and Typhon actually provides a more convincing and practical humanistic but less powerful savior in his heir, Silk.  
People, no matter what they become, will still have free will.  I am of the opinion that the trees and the lianas are all that is left of man, echoes of him in a time when he has changed so much as to be no longer human, but instead "vanished people".  Both species are good or bad because they are people, who are good and bad both, though one is more debased and further from a transcendental truth - the parasites - though both are ultimately descended from man and his "climbing up the tree" referenced by Quetzal - he just hasn't climbed down yet.
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