(urth) fifth head owlet- wolf

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 11:26:43 PDT 2013

>Marc Aramini: So my theory of relaxation- primitive man emulated by ancestors of shadow children, shadow >children imitated by the free people in a different world, then finally real people show up and another >approximation may or may not be made that is indistinguishable from the " real" people/solution if >Veil's hypothesis is true and Trenchard and the people of frenchman's landing are perfectly adapted >Abos, an the other Abos are still not approximating humanity in any way.  Trenchard the father is a man, >whether he resulted from  human stock or is last in a series of approximations. 

"Relaxation". I like this engineering perspective on the problem. 		 	   		  

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