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You ought to write that up and try to get it published (though you'd have to explain whatever evidence makes people think the narrator has a penis).  Or if you can't publish it, put it on line.
Jerry Friedman


>From: Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
>Fair enough.  Sometimes lit criticism and explication takes odd turns.  One of my favorite examples is beckett's unnameable.  Our narrator is a one eyed immovable weeping vomiting mess randomly swathed in darkness and light, and hundreds of papers you find deal with all kinds of gobbledegook about self knowledge and perception in the outside world and transforming the subjective "I" when really our narrator is just a penis that has anthropomorphized itself and made up a story about once having limbs. Beckett was enraged when explicit mention of a penis was removed from the work because, I am sure,  it was the dominant metaphor behind it.  Yet none of these intellectuals and scholars ever mention that the narrator is a penis.  Do they just not notice?  Is it beckett's joke on the world? Thus I favor the big picture explications, and am weary of the postmodern slippery slope. 
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